Intro To Chakras

Alright so boom, Introducing The Chakra Healing Series. Every week on Monday I'll be introducing a new Chakra, along with journal prompts, mantras, affirmations, suggested foods and even yoga poses that help strengthen and unblock said chakra.
"Okay, but why are we doing this?" Well, I told y'all we were here to heal, right? To do so, we start by rebalancing the energy within ourselves. When you're comfortable within yourself and have a solid foundation, you tend to take things less personal. Of course, this is easier said than done.. but understanding your chakras makes it easier for you to recenter yourself when tested.
So what are Chakras?
In short, Chakras are little pools of energy in our bodies. Energy swirls there, then moves on to the next one. Blocked or Unbalanced Chakras could lead to insecurities, aggressions and pent up anger, even physical complications like backpain. To heal and overcome these things, we have to revisit the things that cause your triggers.
Now listen, sometimes healing can get a little painful before it can get better. We'll be doing some heavy shadow work and opening up some wounds, but I promise you, this is a safe space. I'm here to provide an unbiased listening ear if needed. In the end, you'll feel your burdens lifted and physically feel lighter.
We have 7 Main Chakras and they all serve a different purpose.
So next Monday, we'll be delving into the Root Chakra. This is your foundation, and all other Chakra's rely on this one. Let the healing begin!
Love & Light!
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