Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

Mercury, transitioning from the final decan of Sagittarius to the first decan of Capricorn, emerges from the weight of accumulated data. In Sagittarius, wisdom grew, options expanded, and now in Capricorn, the focus is on utilizing this knowledge to instigate change and cement mastery.

Transitioning to Capricorn, the challenge lies in grounding this wealth of information into a routine without succumbing to stress or overwhelming curiosity. At 8° Capricorn, Mercury's celestial interactions may not be perfect, yet connections with the Moon and recent alignments with Jupiter and Venus reveal significant insights.

Mercury's trine with retrograde Jupiter in Taurus illuminates the bigger picture, empowering individuals to 'zoom out' and strategically position life elements like chess pieces. This aspect fosters understanding of beliefs, ideals, and the integration of gathered information into life's fabric.

Additionally, the sextile with Venus in Scorpio offers clarity on survival needs, either fueling routines or adding weight to processes. Seeking deeper insight during the retrograde becomes imperative to infuse newfound knowledge seamlessly into daily life.

This Mercury retrograde prompts a crucial evaluation of established routines and long-term goals, highlighting their sustainability. It encourages introspection: what defines personal authority? Exploring the house Capricorn rules and Saturn's placement in one's chart reveals insight into this quest for authority.

As Mercury retraces its steps into Sagittarius, the focus sharpens on discerning useful information from mere noise, refining the knowledge bank crucial for wielding authority.

The key takeaway: Mercury's shift into Capricorn signifies a period of refining knowledge, integrating it into routines, and establishing sustainable long-term goals that align with personal authority. Embrace this phase to fortify your foundation and empower your journey forward.
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