Working With Dynamite Oil

Magical Properties

Created under the Aries New Moon, this oil was magically created, fixed, and charged with the intention of blockbusting, domination, and fast action.


Smells like Frankincense. 


Write your petition on a piece of brown parchment paper. brown paper bags are great for this. This can be a longer prayer or letter, signed & dated, then rolled up and inserted into your oil. 

Feel free to mix my magic with yours by adding additional herbs & oils to amplify the magic!


- add a few drops to your diffuser


- anoint your pulse points, specifically the back of your neck right under the nape of your head where your skull and neck meet



- rub your hands with it before you do work/make a to do list



- write your goals or manifestations and anoint it with the oil


- take a red or purple candle and dress it with the oil with your petition underneath it or written on it.



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