Tomorrow, June 21st at approximately 10:58am EDT, we kick off the Summer Solstice with Cancer season, a cardinal water sign. When the Sun, which rules our core essence, vitality, and ego, transits the sign of Cancer, the qualities of emotions, intuition, home, and family come to the forefront.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer energy encourages us to trust our emotions to carry us to the destination most aligned with our values and assists us in creating environments that support our needs.

This year, Cancer season starts on the same day Lilith and Mars conjunct in the sign of Leo. When the planet of action and energy combines with the archetype of the wild feminine, it encourages you to embrace your authenticity and pursue your passions without fear or inhibition. However, this conjunction also has the potential to manifest as  the desire to break free from societal norms.

Over the first week of Cancer season, we’ll experience a trine to the South Node in Scorpio as well as Saturn retrograde in Pisces, both tying into the themes of embracing your emotional wounds and using it as a source of wisdom to allow for a balanced and stable approach to personal development and achieving your goals.

In a nutshell, this is a season of diving into what you require to feel safe and secure in order to gain clarity on how to construct the world of your dreams around your needs.


Cancer Season by Sign

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Cancer season encourages you to prioritize infusing your home and family environment with joy, playfulness, and a sense of personal authenticity, bringing attention to your relationship with your own inner child and the need to find emotional fulfillment within your family connections.


During this season, you’re invited to integrate your emotional well-being and sense of security with your daily interactions and immediate environment by encouraging a sense of warmth, care, and a sense of belonging into your communication, creating a nurturing and supportive space for yourself and those around you, including siblings, neighbors, and extended family members.


Cancer season signifies a period where communication and self-expression have a direct impact on your financial situation, encouraging you to find comfort and stability in your resources and cultivate a sense of value and self-worth. It’s a period of connecting with your immediate surroundings to bring your sense of security to fruition.


This is a 1st house transit for you, illuminating your self-image and how it integrates with your personal value. Embracing your naturally nurturing demeanor and emotional sensitivity enhances your self-image and strengthens your financial situation.


Introspection and emotional healing take the focus, serving as an invitation to explore the hidden aspects of the self, release old patterns, and engaging in spiritual practices or psychological healing to prepare you for a new cycle of vitality.


Cancer season serves to remind you that while you may be focused on personal transformation right now, there is also a need to engage with like-minded individuals, emphasizing the importance of emotional support and nurturing friendships. This transit encourages a balance between inner reflection and connecting with others for shared experiences and mutual growth.


Focus turns towards your career and public image, allowing the nurturing qualities you bring to social connections and friendships align with your career and public image. Your networking skills and ability to collaborate with others enhances your professional success and reputation, allowing you to receive recognition in your chosen field.


Career goals and ambitions align with your broader worldview and belief systems. This is a time period of seeking opportunities that allow you to expand your horizons, engage in higher learning, or explore different cultures and philosophies, grounding your professional growth in a sense of purpose.


Cancer season signifies a period of exploration and transformation of your beliefs through emotional introspection. It invites you to delve into your shadows to seek a deeper understanding of life's mysteries and the law of oneness through the energy you share with those close to you.


Attention is turned to your 1:1 connections with a focus on shared resources, intimacy, and a need for emotional security. Cancer season for you brings the opportunity for personal growth and profound emotional transformations through close connections with others.


Focus shifts to your work, service, and daily routines, allowing you to find the balance between work & self care, specifically by embedding the nurturing of 1:1 partnerships into your schedule. You take on the leading role in your work environment, seeking to bring a sense of self-expression into your day-to-day life.


Creative and romantic pursuits are energized, inspiring you to express yourself authentically and experience joy through emotional connections, artistic endeavors, and heartfelt relationships. Cancer season encourages the ability to find joy in your daily routines; infusing passion into your tasks can enhance both productivity and personal satisfaction.

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