Happy Aries Season! Week Ahead Transits

Happy Spring Equinox!
We're kicking off Aries Season with a very major week full of planetary shifts.


The Sun moves into Aries this evening at 5:24pm. This denotes the Spring Equinox when the days start to get longer and in turn, we regain our sense of vitality. As Cardinal Fire, Mars’ home and the Sun’s exaltation, Aries season kicks off our Astrological New Year and brings a surge of energy and motivation, encouraging us to take action and pursue our goals with passion and determination. Associated with the “self”, this is a season of asserting our dominance and making our mark on the world as we feel more confident and driven to achieve success.


On Tuesday, Mars day, we have a New Moon in Aries at the critical degree of 0°.
In addition to the fresh start that comes with a new lunar cycle, 0 is the number of endless opportunity and potential. Occurring on a Mars day, the ruling planet of Aries, we get an extra charge of ambition and aspiration. As the Moon continues to move through its dark moon phase in Pisces, it’s a good time to reflect on not only the past month, but the past year. We’re closing a chapter in self development and are now able to set intentions towards making our dreams a reality.


On Thursday, Pluto enters the innovative sign of Aquarius for the next 20 years. Pluto is associated with transformation, rebirth, and deep psychological change, while Aquarius is a sign that is associated with the collective, innovation, and progressive thinking. During this transit, we can expect to see changes in technology, science, and other areas that involve innovation and progress. Pluto in Aquarius denotes the start of collective transformation & healing our communities through forward thinking.


And finally, on Saturday we’ll get a break from the chaotic and anxious Mars in Gemini as he moves into the sign of his debilitation, Cancer. Although he’s in his fall, Mars in Cancer transit can be a time of emotional growth, creativity, and nurturing. Our energy is now expressed passively and focused on our families, upbringing, and sense of comfort. By being mindful of our emotions and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, we can make the most of this transit and create a sense of security and stability in our lives.
Overall, this week is full of opportunity and empowerment both for ourselves and society. I encourage you to be the ripple that contributes to a brighter future:
a better tomorrow starts with you, today.
Until Next Time!
Mikayla Rose
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