"I Want to Get More Into My Spirituality, But I Don't Know Where to Start!"

I know, I know. There's SO much information out here that it could become overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. 

Heres a cheat code: Start with the religion YOU were raised on. Like I always say, we're all doing the same things and calling them different names. There's a pretty good chance that what you were raised on has a lot of truth behind it. Just a little back story on my journey:

Although I was raised to embrace and celebrate other cultures and religions by incorporating some of their teachings in my household; I frequented church, I was apart of a few christian-based organizations and even identified as a Hebrew Israelite for a bit. With that being said, the Bible was very much familiar to me. I based my moral conscious on the teachings of the Bible. I mean, it makes sense right? A lot of the things we still face today have already been discussed in the Bible. Nothing is truly new under the sun.

Even still, the concept of a “sky daddy” never made sense to me. The commercialization of holidays like Easter and Christmas used to piss me off because what are we even celebrating? I like to move with intention,  understanding why we do the things we do.

A girl like me gon’ question EVERYTHING. So that’s exactly what I did. It led me to exploring actual history, hidden truths, other cultures, and combine that with scripture to form my own understanding of the universe and spirituality. As of right now, I’m re-reading my Bible for the third time and really analyzing it with a different perspective. Every time I read the Bible again, I learn something new.

I encourage you to start with what you were raised on and branch out from there. When connecting with your ancestors, it’ll be helpful to speak to them in terms they understand. I keep a bible on my Ancestor Altar and read scriptures out loud, my immediate lineage were Christians and they enjoy hearing how I understand things from a different perspective. Do not abandon who you are. On your journey, things will naturally catch your attention—research them as they pop up. Take it one day at a time, this journey is YOUR own and no one can tell you what’s right or wrong.

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