Jupiter In Pisces - It's The Year of the Artists and Intuitives!

Jupiter moves into the sign of Pisces tonight at 10:10pm CST.

Earlier this year, Jupiter moved into Pisces on May 13th where it stayed until retrograding back into Aquarius on July 20th, giving us a chance to revisit our roles in our social circles and community. Themes from May are likely to resurface as we enter back into dreamy, mystical Pisces until May 11th, 2022.

Being it’s traditional ruler, Jupiter in Pisces expands our awareness of spirituality and collective subconscious. As the planet of luck and opportunity, you’ll attract the most good fortune when embodying the characteristics of Pisces — charitable, devoted, compassionate. And with Jupiter naturally rejoicing in the 11th house, you’ll benefit from connecting with likeminded individuals in your community as well!

As the sign of fantasy, dreams, depth, spirituality, self-sacrifice, and illness; Jupiter and Neptune both being in Pisces emphasizes the themes of fantasy in artwork, resurgence of Religion/Cults/Covens, and the opening up of the collective subconscious. “The Veil is Thin” is a key theme for this transit, especially as we prepare for the Jupiter + Neptune Conjunction in Pisces on April 6th, 2022.

This hasn’t happened since 1856! 

Breaking Down The Chart

The chart for when Jupiter moves into Pisces sets the tone for the theme of the transit on a Global scale. How it effects you personally will depend on your Natal Chart, which we can dive into together by booking a reading here.

Jupiter makes two aspects — it’s trine with the Moon, and its square with the N Node; allowing for the eagerness to learn and confidence in your natural abilities. However, because the Moon falls in Scorpio, this can lead to extreme emotions or uncontrollable fear. It’s square to the N Node may cause overshot expectations.

The most notable aspect, in my opinion, is the T-Square formed by the Moon, Uranus, and Saturn. T-Square’s occur when there are two planets opposing each other—the Moon and Uranus; both squaring off to another planet which is the focal point: Saturn. 

T-Squares show stuck energy; the release of this stuck energy is combatted with the  missing element, the opposition of the focal planet.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus wants everyone to have access to the pleasures and luxuries of life, opposite the Moon in Scorpio who’s only concerned with personal survival and using others to its benefit. This Moon/Uranus opposition looks like a standoff between what benefits me vs what benefits the collective.

They’re both making a square to Saturn in Aquarius, who’s redefining what Structure and Boundaries are best for the future of the collective. With Saturn being the focal point, the biggest mission is this: how can I assist both planets in finding a compromise? How can I set up a structure that supports both collective concern and personal gain? 

We add in the missing Fixed element: Leo. The sign of Self-Expression and Creativity.

Which leads me into NFTs and Digital Art.

It’s a good time to channel deep emotions into a passion project. Since Jupiter + Neptune in Pisces brings greater value and appreciation of art (especially with Venus in Capricorn) it’s time to get on game with NFT’s. This satisfies Uranus in Taurus = Internet Money or Internet Pleasures, as well as Saturn in Aquarius, the structure for collective exchange. This brings in the missing element of Leo, channeling your creative efforts into a long term mean of stability. 

Venus retrograding in Capricorn, gives us not only a chance o re-evaluate our values, but re-educate ourselves on how we can fulfill our desires — Redefining how we create (Venus) stability (Capricorn). It’s conjunction with the planet of commerce, Mercury, also supports the exchange of creations with the collective; and the Mars-Saturn sextile supports lasting impact in your projects. 

Does this mean everyone will become a millionaire? Not necessarily. However, the energy is present for you to make an effort to tap into, especially for those of you with Pisces in the 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 11th houses. 


Key Dates in History

  • In 1856 during the last Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces conjunction, 39 new religious organizations were established — considered the “4th Great Awakening”. Diseases were also spread globally this year (Neptune/Pisces = diseases/illness). This was also the year Mount Everest was recognized as the highest in the world (Jupiter = Discovery)
  • In 1997 during a Jupiter + Neptune conjunction, 
  • In 2009, we experienced the H1N1 Pandemic. When Jupiter + Neptune were conjunct in Aquarius, Microsoft went public leading to widespread internet use.
  • 2010 was deemed the European year for Combating Poverty. (Jupiter = awareness; Neptune/Pisces = Poverty) 
  • 2010 was also full of earthquake-turned-tsunamis. 


Key Themes/Predictions 

  • ⚡️ Resurgence of Religion; More Cults + Covens formed; New Spiritual Communities
  • Pisces = spirituality and collective subconscious. 
  • In 1856, during the last Jupiter+Neptune conjunction, 39 new religious organizations were established — it’s considered the “Fourth Great Awakening”


⚡️NFT Boom

  • Combined with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius, digital art is definitely on its road to making new millionaires. 


⚡️ Increased value in Art; Fantasy Themes in Art

  • Avatar & Twilight were two movies that came out during the 2009 Jupiter + Neptune conjunction
  • New World Records for Art sold at an auction were broken twice in 2010 — once for $65 million and again for $106.5 Million
  • Harry Potter was released during the 1997 Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction.


⚡️Tsunamis, Large Underwater Land Masses, “Atlantis?”

  • Jupiter = Large Mass, Pisces/Neptune = Depths, Oceans, Water. In 2010, there were multiple Earthquake turned Tsunamis. 


⚡️Continuation of Pandemic

  • Pisces also = illness + poverty. it’ll get worse before it’ll get better! 


⚡️New, stronger drugs; widespread legalization of psychedelics

  • Pisces = drugs & escapism 
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