Let's Talk LIBRA!

The Sun enters Libra Saturday, September 23rd at approximately 2:49am EST, signifying the Equinox where the night and day are equal in length. This is an ode to Libra's glyph ♎️, representing a setting sun, as well as it's rulership of balance.

Ruled by Venus’ active expression, Libra is a cardinal air sign that represents law, justice, harmony, and beauty. Corresponding to the 7th House, where the Sun sets, Libra teaches us about ourselves, in the context of others.
We can learn a lot about the context of a sign based on its planetary dignities.
Saturn finds exaltation in Libra, meaning here is where he is treated as an honorary guest. Saturn joins forces with Venus to maintain balance and ensure connections are mutually beneficial. This also signifies Libra’s connection is more about Duty and Honor more than it is about love.
With the Sun’s fall in Libra, ego has no place in partnership. We find the value of collaboration and cooperation here. Just as the Sun allows the Moon to have its time to shine, we are encouraged to form partnerships that fulfill the areas we lack.
Libra is often a sign that gets a reputation for being passive or avoidant, but in reality, Libra loves conflict simply to have something to resolve. Remember that Libra is the peacekeeper, always looking to understand and give perspective. However, the Libra native tends to not like PEOPLE who cause conflict, and tends to stay away from them.
Often being heretic in nature, Libra definitely doesn’t agree with the crowd and has no problem letting you know! They are always in a state of questioning and skepticism. The Libra needs to ensure they are maintaining a position amidst the ever changing evidence presented.
In relationships, it is important for Libra to maintain their autonomy. They may look for people who seem to need them, but they have to understand that everyone’s problems are not theirs to fix. They can channel this energy best by applying that advice to themselves.
Libra is all about perfectionism and superficiality—things that are appealing to the eye, sometimes to their own detriment. They are secretly very self-critical, and because of this, they can feel as though their work isn’t good enough to start. It is up to the Libra Native to use that critique to their advantage AFTER getting started, as motivation to always improve.
They emerge the most when faced with obstacles, otherwise they may seem emotionally closed off. Libra thrives with people who see and accept their quirks and can validate their interests. They need consistency in all aspects of their lives: friends, money, relationships, and home in order to feel safe, and their security lies in asserting their self worth and creating environments that maintain their values.
The house where Libra is located in your natal chart represents your search for balance and harmony, as well as areas of your life that can benefit from significant partnerships.
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