MOON MAGICK: 3 Ways To Use The Moon In Your Daily Life!


No matter the extent of your knowledge on the moon, you can use it as a tool to benefit your daily life! Here’s 3 ways you can incorporate the Lunar Cycle to power your daily magick:

#1: Use It As A Measure Of Time for Tasks and Rituals
- Perfect for the people who aren’t too familiar with astrology and/or don’t necessarily believe in it.
- Use the phases of the moon as guides for cleaning or setting goals.

#2: Cater Your Intentions to the Astrological Axis of the Current Lunar Cycle
- The New Moon and Full Moon will always fall on the same astrological axis (or opposing signs). Use the lessons of this axis to add power to your intentions!

#3: Work With Where The Moon is Transiting in Your Personal Natal Chart
- What astrological sign is the Moon currently transiting? Match that up to where that sign is in your Natal Chart
- Where does it rule? What planets are there? Is the transiting moon making any major aspects to my personal planets?

If you want to learn more, check out the full moon magick workshop.

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