New Moon in Leo: Embrace Your Inner Authority

Cheers to a new week ahead!

As we bask in the energy of the recent Venus Cazimi, marking the halfway point of Venus' retrograde journey, we find ourselves in a unique space for introspection and revelation. Venus has gracefully moved out of the heart of the Sun, outshined by it's rays that now offer us the opportunity to reflect on the lessons and insights we've gained. This moment invites us to integrate the wisdom of our experiences into our very being.

The Moon has now entered Leo, and early Wednesday morning, we welcome the New Moon in Leo as it encourages us to unleash our authenticity and embrace our inner authority.

New Moon @ 23° Leo

As the Sun and Moon come together at 23° Leo, it's like the universe is handing us a megaphone, urging us to let our voices resonate with confidence and creativity. Occurring in the final decan of Leo, represented by the 6 of Wands in the tarot, the message is clear: step up, dominate your industry, and lead with assertiveness.

This New Moon carries the essence of leadership and self-expression. It's a call to merge your inner and outer selves, allowing your creativity to shine in all its forms. The cosmic duo also aligns with Lilith at 24°, embracing the intuitive and creative aspects of the dark feminine energy. This alignment invites us to step into our power, even in unconventional and nonconforming ways. It's about embracing the essence of Leo, unapologetically.

However, the New Moon forms a challenging square with Jupiter and Uranus. Our emotional expressiveness finds fulfillment in charitable work, but be mindful that what you perceive as charitable might come off as obnoxious to others. Meanwhile, the square to Uranus might make you pay attention to things you'd normally overlook, leading to radical expressions of change.

In the midst of this celestial spectacle, the trines to the North Node and Chiron hold significance. Despite our fears, we're encouraged to allow our instincts to guide us toward our life's purpose. This New Moon whispers that healing and growth can indeed accompany us on this journey.

Portal of Practicality: Grand Earth Trine

Beyond the New Moon's glow, the cosmos presents us with a Grand Earth Trine, where placements in the Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn offer their support to each other. With Mercury and Mars in Virgo, mental activity surges, occasionally manifesting as anxiety. Pluto in Capricorn, in its retrograde dance, dismantles our notions of authority, fostering a transformation of our sense of stability. Simultaneously, Jupiter and Uranus team up in Taurus, inviting radical changes to our core values and where we pull our sense of wisdom.

The synchrony of Mars in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus forms a perfect trine forms just hours after the New Moon, offering us inventive strategies to achieve our goals. This celestial alignment paints a picture of attainable triumph at the end of the journey.

Harness the Energy

With this New Moon comes a window of opportunity to engage in transformative rituals:

1. Letter to Your Inner Child: Pen a heartfelt letter to your inner child, assuring them of safety, expression, and play. Acknowledge how past experiences have shaped your story, guiding you toward greater purposes. Promise your unwavering presence, a guiding light even in solitude.

2. Focused Lunar Goal: Select one goal to embrace during this lunar cycle. Devote the next 28 days to its pursuit, immersing yourself in its energy and manifestation.

3. Resource Realignment: Reevaluate your budget, calendar, and energy allocation. Ensure your resources align with your intentions and aspirations.

4. Financial Uncrossing Ritual: For an energetic exchange of $33.33, the Financial Uncrossing Ritual is designed to remove financial blockages and usher in the energy of abundance, even in times of perceived lack.
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