New Moon In Pisces 2022

The New Moon represents the void, the unseen and the potential for new life to emerge. It's a time when the Moon turns her light away from us and recharges under the suns rays, giving us conscious insight to our subconscious and allowing us to implement new routines and patterns.

And even more so, situated in pisces alongside the two natural rulers: Jupiter and Neptune.

This New Moon makes two major aspects: it's conjunction with Jupiter, and it's sextile with Uranus. Both of these aspects influencing/powering the moon brings quick and abundant opportunity, but spirit says "be clear on what makes you feel safe & secure and honor that when making decisions."

Mercury Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

In derivative astrology, Aquarius falls in the 12th house of Pisces. This places the rational mind and sound judgement of the Mercury + Saturn Conjunction into our subconscious. We find ourselves knowing when something is off or doesn't sit right with us, even if we aren't necessarily able to verbalize it.

We lean more into our emotional responses and trust our natural instincts enough to allow them to guide us to our destination.

Affirm: I pursue what brings me excitement.

The Lunar Nodes & Their Rulers in Conjunction

We’re currently experiencing a rare phenomenon where the rulers of the North and South Node’s are conjunct under the sign of Capricorn, assisting each other in helping us on our path to aligning our karma and destiny. Our obligation both to the world and to ourselves.

The Lords of our current Scorpio South Node: Mars and Pluto, Mars in Capricorn will make you feel like you have the energy, drive towards these projects leading you to burnout and overwhelm. It's conjunction with Pluto under a saturn-ruled sign brings obstacles to the forefront to test those decisions.

Venus comes in to sweeten the deal by taking Saturns lessons and asking: "does this make sense to endure?"

She reminds us that we can place this energy on things that actually bring us joy; things that make Saturn's lessons more bearable.

Affirm: I contribute my talent & resources to the collective open-heartedly.

In Summary:

- Pay attention to your moods and immediate reactions. They will tell you if this is worth the pursuit or should be left alone.

- Your first mind is your right mind and will save you from a lot of headache later.

- Be careful not to act out of lack or scarcity; know your worth. be clear on your needs and desires that make you feel safe + secure (the moon is the natural ruler of cancer) which will naturally bring you nourishment and fulfillment.

***Keep in mind that although you'll start seeing results within this lunar cycle, it takes 6 months to fully come into fruition (Pisces Full Moon on September 10th)***

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