The Houses Part 1: A Visual

For those of you who still struggle with conceptualizing houses, I hope this visual is helpful!

The Natal Chart is a circular map of the sky.
Houses are the Sky divided into 12 equal 30° sections. (12 houses x 30° = 360° in a circle)

Think of it as a 24-hour celestial clock with each house representing 2 hours.

Houses are numbered counter clockwise because they represent a fixed version of the Earths rotation. Earth rotates counterclockwise on it’s axis, making the planets appear to be moving clockwise.

The Sunrise/Sunset line (or the 1H/7H line) represents the horizon.

The Mid-Day/Midnight line (or the 4H/10H line) represents the highest and lowest points of the sky.

Because of these key time indicators of the Sun’s path, Houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 are considered your “foundational” or “angular” houses.
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