for when you’re craving connection.

In astrology, the 7th house represents partnerships, balance, and meaningful connections. As a 7th House Stellium myself, I find myself craving connection often, through partnerships is where I find the most motivation.

Through carefully selected tracks, this playlist explores love, companionship, and the beauty of human bonds. From soulful R&B to ethereal indie, each song resonates with the longing for deep relationships.

Immerse yourself in velvety vocals, resonating lyrics, and harmonies that stir your soul. Let the cosmic melodies guide you towards understanding, empathy, and profound connections. "7th House Stelli" is your soundtrack for aligning heart and soul.

Tune in and embrace the magic of the 7th house. Let this playlist inspire you to cultivate authentic connections and explore the cosmic fabric that binds us all. "7th House Stelli" beckons you to embark on an extraordinary musical voyage through the universe.

Crave connection. Embrace the cosmos. Let the music guide you. Stay tuned, star seekers!



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