Road Opening

A road opener aims to remove obstacles or blockages that prevent progress in life, such as financial troubles, relationship issues, or career setbacks. The spell clears the way for success and new opportunities by opening the roads and paths to one's desired outcomes.
There’s no point in manifesting love & prosperity if it has no current to flow to you. I always recommend this ritual above all others to open up energetic timelines to what you’re trying to draw to you.
Sometimes the outcome of this kind of work can be unpredictable and sometimes even feel counterproductive. Sometimes you’ll lose friends, jobs, spouses, etc.
An inexperienced practitioner (or what y’all like to call a “baby witch”) will tell you the spell didn’t work or it backfired.
Magic always works.
And it always works exactly how it’s supposed to.
I am adamant about learning how to track energy with divination because sometimes you have to lose to gain, sometimes the life you’re living and the life you want don’t align, sometimes it takes a new environment for you to fully flourish.
The real magic always starts after the ritual.
The spark has been released and a new timeline is open; it’s up to you to decide what to do on the journey.
Those who are receptive and able to pivot to what looks like a setback are those that will get the most benefit out of the ritual.
Those who are too concerned with the “how”, “when”, and “why” will struggle to see how the magic is playing out for them.
Don’t drown in the current. Observe it.
Take heed and pivot.
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