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Gift From Neptune

5 Week Candle Service

5 Week Candle Service

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This is a custom candle service catered specifically to you and your individual needs.

I will analyze your birth chart as well as my divination tools to uncover the energy best needed to support you during this time. From there, I will incorporate my knowledge of herbalism and combine them with your personal petitions, uncovering any blockages and remaining in constant communication with you to ensure smooth delivery of this magic!

Includes 5 Rituals:

1. Blockbuster: this service kicks off with a blockbuster ritual to remove any obstacles that may stand in the way of your desires.

2. Road Opener: after the blockbuster, we follow with a road opener ritual to ensure smooth delivery of new blessings.

**during this time you may find a heavy shift in relationships or jobs, don't be afraid as it's opening up the door for new opportunities.**

3. Prosperity: we're ensuring wellness in all forms of prosperity; finances, health, and peace.

4. Love: we're calling in sweetness and attraction for long lasting passionate love and friendships.

5. Protection: to ensure the longevity and protection of all endeavors and new blessings that we have attracted.


**Please ensure that all contact information is accurate as we will be in continuous communication throughout this service.**

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