Join Cosmic Coven: Your Gateway to Celestial Wisdom and Spiritual Growth

Let me guide you as your personal astrologer in Cosmic Coven, where a unique blend of astrology and spirituality awaits.

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Cosmic Coven Group Mentorship

Cosmic Coven Group Mentorship

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Cosmic Coven is your gateway to aligning your life with the stars and harnessing the power of astrology for personal transformation.

Every month, we meet on Zoom to discuss the upcoming astrological transits, teaching you how to align your energy with the cosmos for the month ahead. These meetings provide a comprehensive look at the energies at play and offer practical guidance on how to navigate them.

In addition, you'll have personal access to the world of astrology translated into easy-to-understand terms via audio transmissions 5+ times per week. You'll also gain access to all of my Masterclasses, providing deep dives into various astrological and personal development topics.

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other dedicated seekers in our exclusive community. Join us in our private Discord community where you can receive astrological help, ask questions, and engage with others in a safe and supportive environment.

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As a member of cosmic coven, here's what you can expect:

What's Inside:

Monthly Live Meetings

Join us for monthly live meetings where we dive deeper into astrological transits, conduct live readings, and explore practical ways to apply celestial wisdom to your everyday life.

Receive personalized guidance and community support as you navigate your journey of self-discovery.

Exclusive Channeled Messages

You'll have personal access to the world of astrology translated into easy-to-understand terms viaaudio transmissions 5+ times per week.

Courses & Masterclasses

Expand your astrological knowledge with access to all past & upcoming masterclasses as long as your subscription is active.

Learn practical techniques to enhance your connection with the cosmos and deepen your spiritual practice.

Private Discord Community

Connect with fellow seekers in our private Discord community. Share insights, ask questions, and engage in meaningful discussions about astrology, spirituality, and personal growth.

Our supportive community provides a safe space for exploration and connection, regardless of your background or beliefs.

Who Is Cosmic Coven For?

  • Those of you who have booked a reading with Mikayla Rose before and want to dive deeper on how to interact more with your Natal Chart.
  • Those of you with a basic understanding of astrology but desire expert guidance from a seasoned astrologer.
  • Those of you who'd like to align your goals, magic, business, or spiritual practice with the wisdom of astrology.
  • Those of you who desire deep rooted community with others on their path to self-discovery and empowerment.

Astrology Continues To Save My Life!

Mikayla Rose & Her Journey With Astrology

After exploring, studying, and training in multiple religions, Astrology is what connected the dots for me and now serves as the baseline of my understanding of God, Magic, and Energies; including my own.

The core essence of my business and offerings revolve around utilizing the tools we have available to us to create a heaven on earth and make sense of our physical reality.

Learn More About My Journey