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Gift From Neptune

Virgo Bundle

Virgo Bundle

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This bundle is designed to empower you with the qualities of organization, clarity, and protection, while connecting you with the celestial forces that can turn your dreams into reality.

Divinity Oil - 1oz Rollerball - $20 value
Experience the synergy of Gemini, Virgo, and Mercury with the invigorating lemon-citrus aroma of Divinity Oil. Enchanted to enhance your focus and amplify your intentions, this oil serves as a conduit for clear communication with your guides and the universe. With herbs targeting the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, expect enhanced mental clarity and a stronger voice. Use it as a truth serum or a tool for magnified manifestations and intuitive revelations.

Astral Oil - 1oz Rollerball - $20 value
Immerse yourself in the ethereal essence of Pisces and Neptune with the calming Lavender aroma of Astral Oil. This enchanted oil is your key to soothing anxiety, strengthening intuition, and fostering a profound connection with your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. Let its Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra-targeting herbs guide you into a realm of vivid dreams and transformative visions.

Commerce Oil - 1oz Dropper Bottle - $20 value
Harness the dynamic energies of Mercury and Uranus with the refreshing Mint-scented Commerce Oil. Crafted to enhance business success and visibility in the e-commerce realm, this oil is your partner in achieving heightened sales, bookings, and social media engagement. Empower your Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras, positioning yourself as a sought-after expert while amplifying your innovative business endeavors.

Transcend Cleansing Bath - $15.15 value
Elevate your spiritual journey with the Transcend Cleansing Bath, infused with the wisdom of the Crown Chakra and Mercury. Enriched with enchantments, this ritual bath purifies your Ori, offering tranquility and mental clarity. Expect a renewed ability to discern between anxiety and intuition, and embrace the post-bath calmness that paves the way for insightful ideas and messages.

Lucid Herbal Blend - $11.11 value
Unlock the secrets of Pisces and Neptune with the Lucid Herbal Blend, expertly crafted to stimulate your Crown Chakra. Use it as a smoke blend or tea to enhance your dream experiences and cultivate prophetic insights. Keep a journal at the ready to capture the profound wisdom that arises, as this blend acts as a conduit between you and the cosmic realms.

Purity Fixed Candle - $33 value
Ignite the clarifying energy of Virgo with the transformative Purity Fixed Candle. Imbued with a blend of herbs, oils, and crystals, this candle sweeps away stagnant energies and opens a channel for clear communication with your ancestors and spirits. Let its luminous flame guide you through a sacred space of purification and protection.
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