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From The Void

 I created this oil during a period of heartbreak after a breakup with my long-term boyfriend. After giving myself the opportunity to grieve, I decided I wanted more for myself and out of my relationships. I decided that in order to be perceived as valuable, I first had to value myself. I crafted this oil to aid in my beauty regimen, to uplift my spirit and raise my energy. As long as I poured into myself, others would feel that energy and pour into me as well.

It always starts with YOU :)


This Oil captures the beautiful, passionate, and romantic essence of Venus. Giving off the aroma of Vanilla, Rose, and Lavender this oil is fixed and enchanted to create a captivating presence, enhance natural pheromones, and attract a generous partner. When using this oil, you can expect unexpected gifts, compliments, and sexual desire. She includes herbs that focus on your Heart and Sacral Chakras, allowing for passion in the bedroom, elevated vibration, and the ability to accept help.

With a Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil base, it's skin and hair safe. Use as a beauty oil after showers, reapply to pulse points as needed.

When You Get Your Oil

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." - Matthew 18:20

The best way to ensure this oil works at its highest capacity is to mix your magic with my magic by adding your own specific intentions and energetic essence.

You can do this in several ways:

  • Pray over your oil whether out loud or written down. If written, roll your written petition up and stick it inside of the bottle or fold it and sit the bottle on top of it with a tea light candle.
  • Allow the oil bottle to charge on your altar or within your sacred space for 3, 6, or 9 days.
  • Add a personal concern to your bottle such as hair, nails, spit, or even blood.

      Use As A Beauty Oil

      • Set the intentions of cleansing off any blockages, fears, or lack mindsets within a regular shower or simply washing your hands. Imagine all of your blockages flowing down the drain.
      • Apply a few drops to your hands, rubbing your palms together and generating warmth. Imagine the sensation of an aligned and generous partner holding your hands.
      • Bring your hands up to your nose and imagine the smell of what that relationship will bring you.
      • Apply to your body, listening to your favorite feel-good  playlist or reciting affirmations.
      • Go about your day as usual, open and receptive to any and all opportunities. Trust your intuition to guide you towards the opportunties that align. 
      • Express gratitude for the ways love and generosity already show up in your life.

                other uses: enchant jewelry, makeup, wallets, and purses. add a few drops to your diffuser, body lotion, or perfume.

                Use As A Conjure Oil

                *make sure you always conduct a divination and consult your spirit team before doing spellwork*

                • Take a Pink, Red, or Green candle and anoint it with a few drops of Splurge. As you do this, focus your mind on your intention of attracting a generous partner. 
                • Light the candle, and as the flame begins to flicker, visualize your life filled with love, connection, joy, abundance, gifts, offerings, and financial prosperity.
                • Recite your favorite scripture, prayer, or affimation. Keep your focus on the candle flame and the feeling of love and geneosity for a few minutes.
                • Let the candle burn completely, focusing your intention on it for at least 5-10 minutes every day that it is lit.

                other uses: add to floor washes, spiritual baths, spiritual waters & colognes, anoint conjure tools, add to oil lamps

                Best Timing

                • Friday, ruled by Venus, for attraction and beauty
                • Sun-Venus Aspects, to attract visibility for your value
                • Venus-Jupiter Aspects, to attract an increase in finances and connections
                • Venus-Mars Aspects, to increase confidence and sexuality



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