Working With Influx & Goldmine Oils

Magical Properties

Created under the Sun + Jupiter conjunction, this oil is fixed and magically charged to bring opportunity, recognition, abundance, and prosperity.


Has a vanilla/musky aroma with notes of cinnamon. 


Influx oil comes with a Fresh Bay Leaf. 

Write your full name, birthday, and petition on the bay leaf and insert it into the bottle. A petition is a statement affirming what it is you want; this can be a few words or a specific dollar amount.

Additionally, you can write your petition on a piece of brown parchment paper. brown paper bags are great for this. This can be a longer prayer or letter, signed & dated, then rolled up and inserted into your oil. 

Feel free to mix my magic with yours by adding additional herbs & oils to amplify the magic!


- Apply a few drops to your hands and feet daily.

- Add a few drops to your diffuser.

- Rub in your hands and apply it to your hair.

- Add a few drops to your spiritual baths or floorwashes, preferably on a Thursday.

- Use it to dress your candles

- White, Gold, Yellow, Green Candles are best; as well as Fast Luck, Better Business, Money Drawing Fixed Candles.

- Anoint your paper money and wallet.

- Place your jewelry in a ziplock back and soak it in this oil.



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