Full Moon in Leo

On Thursday, January 25th @ approximately 12:53pm EST, we celebrate the Full Moon in Leo, prompting us to take a deeper look into the mirror.

Full Moon in Leo @ 5°

The Sun, stationed proudly in Aquarius, urges us to focus on the collective and their conscious desires.

In contrast, the Moon in Leo casts an unconscious spotlight on individual strengths. It prompts us to reflect on how we can contribute our unique qualities to a group, encouraging us to explore our star power.

This Full Moon asks us this: Are we living within the spotlight of our Divine Royalty or will we continue to fold under the pressure?

This Full Moon carries potent aspects that add layers to our self-exploration.

Aspects To This Full Moon

Moon Opposite Pluto

Opposing Pluto in Aquarius, a battleground of power struggles unfolds, fueled by fears of loss, destruction, and an uncertain future. This opposition demands deep inner transformation, challenging us to confront our shadows. The question lingers: Do we let our inner demons win, or do we emerge victorious through self-discovery and resilience?

Square Jupiter in Taurus

A square to Jupiter in Taurus challenges our beliefs about values and their manifestation in our lives. Balancing independence with security becomes paramount. The potential for overindulgence in individuality without considering the broader picture is contrasted with the fear of instability. This square prompts personal growth and a broader understanding of harmonizing independence and security.

Inconjunct Saturn in Pisces

The inconjunction between the Moon and Saturn in Pisces tests our faith in the unknown, requiring patience and commitment to spiritual grounding. Frustration and sadness derives from the struggle to commit to patience and faith, yet it is this very commitment that propels us forward.

Inconjunct Venus in Capricorn
Inconjunct Venus in Capricorn underscores the need for patience, emphasizing the long-term rewards of standing firm in our purpose. This aspect becomes the underlying theme, teaching us the value of steadfastness in our journey.

Full Moon Message

Are You Who You Say You Are?

The Creator blesses us each with a unique gift that sets us apart from the rest of the world. This gift, this personal strength, is what leads us to our own definition of success & victory.

We are continuously being called to step fully into our purpose right now as we usher in a new era of society.

Until we fully allow ourselves to live in our truth and catch up to the timeline we've already subconsciously set for ourselves, we will continue to be in the cycle of survival and unhappiness, bound by worldly expectations and what we perceive to be limitations.

This Full Moon illuminates the relationship between our presented selves and the essence that anchors us in that presentation. It is one thing to present yourself in the light that you'd like to be in, it's another to truly embody it and be able to hold your own within the opportunities presented.

This is when the essence of Glamour Magic REALLY hits.

The beauty and charm may usher us in, but it is the depth of our contribution that sustains us. 

Within the Leo/Aquarius axis we find the Performer and their Audience. As the spotlight shines on us, we stand on the stage with a unique contribution to the collective. There is SOMEONE who is craving what you have to offer, it is up to you to relieve yourself of the imposter syndrome and back up your beauty with sustainable action.

The question echoes: Are you embodying the person you desire to be?

While battling between purpose and stability, it is your faith that will carry you through your fear of the unknown into a victory that is both fulfilling and sustainable.

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