Your Cheat-Code to Apotheosis is Coded in the Stars

Gifted with a direct connection to divinity, the celestial skies reveal the outline of our energetic blueprint.

In our sessions, I aim to tap into the timeline of your ultimate desires, providing guidance and essential building blocks to access your dreams.

Whether you choose a live session or opt for pre-recorded insights, brace yourself for a transformative experience on the path to realizing your highest potential.

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Mikayla Rose

Hi! I'm Mikayla Rose, the spirit behind Gift From Neptune. As an ordained minister, certified life coach, and conjuress, I use an array of tools including but not limited to astrology, cartomancy, and human design to assist you in your path to ascension.

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  • It was the confirmation I needed to a decision I have been battling to make. I mean it was soooooo spot on and the timing of receipt was the icing on the cake. I had just sat down from pacing while cooking contemplating my know the battle of choosing yourself over others. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing the additional assistance I needed.

    Thank you for being the vessel to provide it.

  • Some people just have that gift and I can say Mikayla Rose does. Being able to read people and be accurate is really top tier energy! She even helped provide some extra clarity I was looking for. My solar eclipse reading was aligned to the work I’ve recently been doing on myself and I’m grateful she was able to provide insight to know I’m on the right path but really to also be informed of the work that needs to be done to get me where I need to be!!! That “mini” reading had a big impact!

  • Hey y’all!! I had a reading the other day with Mikayla Rose and she’s definitely great at what she do!! It was definitely the insight i needed for this season. Will do a more in-depth reading soon. But definitely book with her!!

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