Venus Enters Capricorn

Today, we celebrate the ingress of Venus into the disciplined realms of Capricorn.

About Venus in Capricorn

Our planet of love, beauty, pleasures, and values transitions from the expansive energies of Sagittarius to the grounded and purposeful aura of Capricorn.

In this Saturn-Ruled domain, Venus encourages us to pay meticulous attention to our reputation and how we present ourselves to the world. It's a time to contemplate the alignment of our values with our mission and purpose. Venus in Capricorn serves as a guiding force urging you to build a solid foundation for your relationships and financial pursuits.

Venus in Capricorn Message

Your beauty is not just skin deep; it's the essence of your character and the values you hold in your being. As Venus graces Capricorn, it reminds us that longevity comes from walking in our purpose. Consider this transit a nudge from the universe to remember why you started your journey and how your values contribute to that narrative.

In the midst of this celestial transition, we invite you to explore our Sacred Seduction Bundlea captivating collection designed to remind you that you are the most important altar. Immerse yourself in the magical journey of self-love and attraction with these carefully curated products, each infused with the essence of Venus herself. It's a reminder that as you tend to your inner world, the outer world naturally aligns with your intentions.

Reflection Question

As Venus dances her way through Capricorn, take a moment to reflect on your path. How does your beauty, your relationships, and your approach to money align with your greater purpose? What steps will you take to align your values with your purpose? As you’re infused with the energies of Venus in Capricorn, let your inner light guide you, and may your altar candle burn brightly for generations to come.

Major Aspects

  1. Venus Sextile Saturn in Pisces - Jan 28th (1:03 am EST):
    • This harmonious connection between Venus & Saturn brings a blending of love and responsibility. It's a good time for stable and committed relationships as well as practical, realistic approaches to love and finances.
  2. Venus Trine Jupiter in Taurus - Jan 28th (8:01 pm EST):
    • This alignment encourages optimism and expansion in love and financial matters. It's a time when opportunities for growth and joy in relationships and money matters are highlighted.
  3. Venus Trine Uranus in Taurus - Feb 7th (4:25 pm EST):
    • While our planet of pleasure connects to our planet of freedom & spontaneity, you can expect unexpected favorable surprises in love and finances. Embracing change and innovation in your relationships and money management reaps long-term rewards.
  4. Venus Sextile Neptune in Pisces - Feb 13th (8:35 am EST):
    • This transit enhances creativity and sensitivity. It's a time for romantic and spiritual connections. Be attuned to your intuition in matters of the heart.
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