A Prayer for Freedom: Week Ahead (2/26-3/3)

As we transition from the Virgo Full Moon, this week unfolds with insights into the areas of our lives that require deeper consideration. Imagine discovering leaks in your life's system – the places needing attention become opportunities for growth. Embracing simplicity and aligning with heart and gut instincts might be the key to overcoming challenges. The week's overarching theme encourages us to assess our energy and values, navigating the balance between alternative paths and practicality. As we integrate back into society as well as into our bodies, remember that being in alignment requires nothing more than being yourself. You have the power to command the current, fueled by your excitement, and trust your inspiration to bring balance without conforming to external pressures.


We kick off the day with a Void of Course Moon that is still hazy from it’s opposition to Neptune, causing further confusion as we fade out of this Virgo Full Moon energy. This makes us sensitive to our emotions as well as the emotions of those around us, often leaning toward more hypercriticism because of our need to ground our feelings into something that is practical and makes sense to us. Frustration comes from not knowing where to place our focus just yet.

She moves into Libra searching for peace, balance, and understanding as she integrates into society for the week. Her trine to Pluto can cause vulnerability mid-morning into the rest of the day, as she sorts through what is hers to carry and what is trying to nudge her toward something different. There is a deeper release waiting to be executed for her to see the full picture, but it’ll take some time for it to fully culminate.

Dreams may offer insight into the piece of the puzzle that is missing or hazy as the Moon forms a Quincunx to Mercury late evening.


Mars Square Jupiter takes the overarching theme on this Mars day.

Where our planet of energy is open to alternative means of reaching its destination, our planet of expansion rooted in the sign of values is searching for tangible, practical ways to show up to us. They are actually what prove each other to be true, this insight gifted to us IS your tangible proof of your desires taking root and it is now up to us to take action.

Our caution lies in the debate between wanting to move on versus wanting to see the reward for the seeds sown. What if moving on is how you get the benefit? What if watching your seeds so closely is what’s making you feel like they are not growing? Finding joy and success in the small things is key to resolution here, as well as your ability to turn your harsh criticism of self into empowerment.

In the background, the Moon trines Mars, gifting us a sense of comfort within our course changes. This comfort extends as the Moon trines Venus, finding joy in our trajectory and encouraging reliance on friends for help and support. 

Be mindful of the Void of Course Moon starting at 1:21 pm, leaving you with your own subconscious for the remainder of the day. This period invites introspection and personal exploration as the Moon connects to the South Node, opposite Chiron/N-Node, marking a final release from the previous full moon's influence. Delve into past injustices, fears, and areas needing correction, integrating deeper understanding into your trajectory, what has been throwing you off balance, and how you can channel that into transformative growth.


It’s Cazimi day and I absolutely LOVE a Mercury Cazimi! This is that deep enlightenment that we’ve been searching for, as we are open to revelations gifted to us from Spirit. We find that the answers we were looking for were in our faces this whole time, but we were too stubborn to see it. Are you open to the way these answers are showing up in your life? Or will you continue to act out of denial?

As Mercury conjoins Saturn, this transit asks us what does discipline ACTUALLY look like when you’re finally okay with not having all of the answers? Trust. Faith. What does your body want to do today? Instead of what you think it should look like? This alignment invites a shift from rigidity into an intuitive approach,

Saturn also is Cazimi, calling us to reassess alignment with our life's purpose and whether our work reflects that alignment. This introspective phase involves coming back to oneself for a deeper understanding – it is not our JOB or CAREER that offers us fulfillment, it is what we are able to do within every aspect of our lives, including our work, that brings us to fulfillment.

The Moon plunges into Scorpio at 10pm EST,  to show you a bit more about this understanding and how it can be used to your benefit. The insights and survival needs that arise may initially evoke fear, but it's an invitation for confrontation. 

The next few days serve as a test of the lessons learned so far, assessing your reaction when the tangible circumstances around you don't align with what your mind perceives as proof of your blessings. The answer lies in your openness to unexpected opportunities, even if they deviate from your initial expectations. The universe might be presenting the very opportunity you seek, daring you to see it with fresh eyes.



Early morning Mercury Sextile Jupiter gifts us imagination versus fruitfulness… what are your wildest dreams and how can your drive to achieve them contribute to your destination? Big picture, optimism. This energy is carried out for the rest of the day.

Moon in Scorpio trines Saturn in Pisces, showing us how when all else fails, faith is what carries us through the darkness – what do your failures show you? You don’t have to be afraid of your shadow, it is your friend, and it serves to let you know when something is not up to par with where you would like it to be. The more you ignore it, the more it will grow.

The Trine between the Sun and Mercury follows, granting you the ability to see beyond your fears. This cosmic collaboration encourages befriending your apprehensions, revealing that reality may differ from your initial perceptions. Embrace this clarity, and let it guide you forward with newfound courage and understanding.

However, the Moon opposite Jupiter issues a note of caution – a need for restraint. It reminds us that appearances can be deceiving, urging you not to make hasty moves. Things may not be as they seem, and patience is key.


The Sun forms a sextile to Jupiter, allowing for grounded pleasure from our dreams/deep desires. If we choose to allow them to work together, they show us the beauty in our trajectory, and how much we are already seeing our values play out in our lives. Sometimes that comes with a bit of slowness at first, considering you are rebuilding the blocks of your reality to shape what you see in the Spirit. The more you finetune your frequency to these desires, the more you’ll see them manifest in the flesh. 

Go within for fulfillment, because that is where you’ll find it the most. Creating peace within will ensure it is expressed outwardly. The Moon is finalizing her trek through Scorpio, try not to get obsessed with the shadows, but instead, befriend them so that they can work for you.


The Moon enters Sagittarius, reminding us that we all have the ability to tap into the wisdom of Spirit–manifesting as ideas, information, and truth. 

As she Sextiles with Pluto, we are invited to transform this truth into sources of power and strength. As we return to our original plans and ideas, we are able to find the underlying theme that prompted us to create these plans in the first place, gifting us the opportunity to move forward with deeper clarity.


The Moon Squares Saturn, reminding us that all good things come to those who wait, the arrow has to LAND before being able to reap the benefits. Keep on the course as your world continues to shift to achieve your goals.

Venus also squares Uranus today with the energy of change and innovation. This aspect grants us creative ventures, course corrections, and shifts in relationships. We are invited to reflect on connections and distractions that manifest as blockages, as well as the friendships that expedite our journeys.

As we finish out this week with a Last Quarter Moon, we feel a sense of peace as we are prepared for full ascension with the upcoming New Moon in Pisces.

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