Week Ahead Message (1/29 - 2/4): Planning to Fail

Leading Into The Week:

Coming off of a Full Moon in Leo, we moved directly into an eventful weekend that added energy to our revelations. 

We were met with the Sun in Aquarius squaring Jupiter in Taurus, reminding us of the balance between the freedom of innovation and the stability of grounded progress. Uranus going direct in Taurus altered the trajectory of our personal timeline, while the conjunction of Mercury and Mars in Capricorn brought forth practical solutions, rooted actions, and assertive thinking.

Venus in Capricorn, with its sextile to Saturn in Pisces, whispered tales of patience and the long-term rewards that await those who remain true to their essence. The trine between Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus calls us toward experimentation, to find new paths toward your goals. Venus, in its trine with Jupiter, unveiled the expansiveness of desires rooting themselves in the fertile soil of possibilities.

With the energy of the weekend leading us into the week ahead, we now get a chance to ask ourselves: How can I be proactive in achieving my goals without experiencing overwhelm or burnout?

Week Ahead Message:


Plan to fail, not as a surrender, but as a strategic maneuver. Reflect on the weekend's revelations and what that means in the context of how you choose to move forward. Planning to fail allows us the understanding that consistency doesn't demand unyielding effort but invites you to move by the ebb and flow of your energy levels.

Having slow days is inevitable; however, forward motion, even if by just 1%, is still better than doing nothing at all. I challenge you this week to take a second look at your New Year's goals, and even a few new ones that may have risen recently.

Now, take the time out to break them down into 3 main sections: High Energy, Medium Energy, and Low Energy.

Within doing this practice you become proactive in achieving your goals, even on days you aren't feeling your best. This allows you to keep the momentum flowing while honoring your body's needs and avoiding burnout.

This Week's Transits:


The Moon in Virgo connects with Mercury, Mars, and Uranus, paving the way for breakthroughs as Mars trines Uranus later in the day. Obstacles become apparent, but with focused energy, they are conquerable.


In Libra, the Moon seeks harmony. Trines to Pluto confront power dynamics, while challenges from Jupiter and Saturn encourage patience in our new trajectories. Venus squares unsettles aesthetics tied to reputation.


The Libra Moon finds balance through a trine with the Sun, harmonizing with recent Full Moon revelations. Unexpected delays and impulsive actions may disrupt plans; breathe through it. Be aware of personal setbacks and self-inflicted wounds as she connects with the South Node.


Misunderstandings and emotional expression mark Moon square Mercury, while the Quincunx to Neptune suggests a need to escape briefly. As the Moon enters Scorpio, delve into your survival needs and turn challenges into personal power.


In Scorpio, the Moon cements new routines and triggers emotional release. A struggle between intensity and detachment unfolds with the Last Quarter Moon, urging you to find a solution between emotional needs and independence.


Remaining open to new opportunities and regaining strength characterize the Scorpio Moon's opposition to Uranus and sextile to Mars. Calm follows the storm as the Moon trines Neptune.



As the Moon enters Sagittarius, expanded consciousness sets in. Truthful feelings and power are highlighted, though patience is needed, and beliefs can evolve.

Next Week's Preview:

1. Mercury Enters Aquarius: Intellectual focus takes on innovative tones.
2. Mercury Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius: Deep conversations bring transformative insights.
3. Venus in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus: Stability blends with excitement in relationships.
4. Mars in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces: Action meets inspiration for disciplined, creative efforts.
5. Sun in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus: Unexpected challenges or breakthroughs unfold.
6. New Moon in Aquarius: A fresh lunar cycle encourages innovation and collaboration.
7. Mercury in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Taurus: Intellectual expansion faces challenges, requiring careful consideration.

Incorporating Magic: Conjure Oils for Low-Energy Days

During moments of low energy, consider integrating our conjure oils into your magical practice. These fixed oils are crafted to provide the necessary energy to help you achieve your goals, even when physical effort feels challenging. Use them as a tool to maintain momentum, that 1% progress is far better than standing still.

A Closing Question:

As you navigate the upcoming week, reflect on this: What small step can you take to stay on track with your goals, recognizing that planning to fail is a strategy for sustainable success?
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