Week of 2/12-2/18: Healing Your Wounded Masculine

Week Ahead Message:

The underlying theme for the week is healing your wounded masculine.

That includes you, too, ladies.

We all have masculine & feminine qualities within us and they both need to be in balance in order for us to operate fully and efficiently in our purpose.

Our masculine references the side of us that represents our relationship with power, leadership, and authority. How we interact with both those outside influences as well as how we wield our own.

Our deeply rooted wounds regarding this topic serve a purpose in rooting/grounding you toward your purpose.

We recognize that the negative experience we’ve had with power isn’t meant to hold us back, it is a useful tool to have in our archive.

The fact that you are hesitant to utilize your power for fear of becoming power-hungry shows how honorable you already are.

Your story has contributed to you becoming a powerful trailblazing leader… if you accept that power isn’t a bad thing to wield.

You just have to assess why you believe that power is bad.

The ability to step fully into your God-body relies on you recognizing you can’t make the change you want to see on a collective scale without some kind of power.

The state of the world relies on you recognizing where your natural leadership capabilities actually are and breaking the cycles of abuse we all know too well.

In Cosmic Navigation: Astrology For Beginners this week, we'll be zoning in on the sign of Aries and where we can find our natural leadership in our natal charts.

Transit Breakdown:


  • Moon Enters Aries: pushing us toward our goals and recognizing more of where our strengths lie.
  • Moon Sextile Pluto: assessing our relationship with power & allowing it to inform our leadership capabilities.


(Moon in Aries)

  • Mars Enters Aquarius: our energy turns toward how we can apply our strengths to the collective; and sometimes that looks like playing your part in a greater ecosystem.
  • Moon Sextile Mercury: our revelations surrounding our masculinity allow us to incorporate that into our routines.
  • Venus in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces: a supportive blend of practicality and romantic, dreamy ideals; keeping the vision alive.
  • Moon Conjunct Chiron & North Node: forging our own paths as a healer based on our own subconscious needs.


(Moon in Aries)

  • Mars Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius: intensifies determination and transformative energy for collective aspirations.
  • Moon void of course (5:20am-10:02am): take it slow during this time.
  • Moon Enters Taurus: we find comfort in the small pleasures of life; recognizing they aren’t all bad.
  • Moon Square Mars + Pluto: our underlying rage may come to the forefront, making us lash out at things that disturb our comfort. confront what your emotions are trying to tell you.
  • Moon Sextile Saturn: finding pleasure in the things we typically wouldn’t enjoy.


(Moon in Taurus)

  • Moon Conjunct Jupiter: the confidence to pursue our subconscious desires fearlessly
  • Moon Square Mercury: prone to miscommunication or misaligned comfort vs routine. find the balance between the two.
  • Moon Conjunct Uranus: “aha” moments and enlightment!


(Moon in Taurus)

  • Moon Sextile Neptune: healthy escapism suits you well; start your day with something that brings you joy or a creative new way to complete a task.
  • Moon Square Sun (1st Quarter Moon): our conscious bodies are moving faster than our subconscious and the two are not necessarily aligned. tap in to your new moon intentions and adjust.
  • Venus Enters Aquarius: a period of unconventional love and social connections.
  • Moon Void of Course(11:04a-2:39pm): take it easy! nap time!
  • Moon Enters Gemini (2:39pm): new ideas & curiosity arise.
  • Moon Trine Venus-Mars-Pluto: something comes to your awareness about the state of your relationships & how it influences your subconscious.
  • Mercury in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus: mental tension, challenging traditional thinking with innovative ideas.


(moon in gemini)

  • Venus Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius: deepens emotional connections and intensifies desires within social or romantic relationships. Honesty is key, but make sure it doesn’t come off as brutal.
  • Moon Square Saturn: having a hard time finishing tasks. Take your time. Take a break when you get frustrated.


(Moon in Gemini)

  • Moon Trine Mercury: ideas flow & you are able to express them freely, both in speech and in action.
  • Moon Square Neptune: fuzziness, drowsiness, and confusion may arise. find new ways to gain inspiration.
  • Moon Trine Sun: feeling fun and playful as your conscious & unconscious bodies support each other.
  • Moon Enters Cancer (10:24pm): a concentration on home, family, and nurturing.
  • Sun Enters Pisces (11:12pm): welcome to the realm of boundless potential, where dreams form before they root.

Next Week:

  • Venus Conjunct Mars in Aquarius: Harmonious alignment of Venus and Mars in the innovative sign of Aquarius fosters a balance between love and desire, emphasizing unique connections and shared values.
  • Mercury Enters Pisces: Mercury's transition into Pisces enhances intuitive and creative communication, encouraging a more imaginative and empathetic approach to expressing thoughts and ideas.
  • Full Moon in Virgo: The Full Moon in detail-oriented Virgo illuminates a time for practical analysis, organization, and self-improvement, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to the finer details.
  • Venus in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Taurus: Tension arises as Venus in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus, challenging relationships and financial matters by highlighting the need to find a balance between independence and stability.
  • Venus in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus: Unpredictability and a desire for freedom become prominent as Venus in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, urging a reassessment of relationships and values to accommodate individual growth and change.
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