Death via Astrology - Singer Aaliyah

Recently, my mother asked me about the planets in the 8H showing how a person is going to die.
We all know that Scorpio/8H/Pluto rules death, so placements there can indicate the nature of how the native is going to transition.
However, most people stop at the 8H placements without going deeper into the house ruler and the chart ruler.
What rules the 8th House? Where is that planet?
What is the chart ruler? This acts as the “main character” in the chart.
Are there any aspects to the 8H?
How can you connect the dots to tell the most plausible story?
In this example, we’re looking at the singer Aaliyah.
Aaliyah’s 8th house is ruled by Libra.
So her death (8H) is by creating something beautiful (because Libra rules aesthetics)
Libra’s planetary ruler is Venus, which in her natal chart is placed in the 10th house conjunct, or sitting next to, her midheaven(MC). The 10H/MC rules reputation, career and the public eye.
So her death would be via creating something beautiful for her career. (Libra + 8H + Venus + MC)
Then you’d look at what planets she has here to see how it’d play out. She has Pluto in the 8H which also rules death. For more context you’d look at Pluto’s ruler, Scorpio, which is sitting in her 9H.
9H = long distance travel.
In 9H Scorpio, she has Uranus. Uranus rules life changing events, and Scorpio rules death. (Uranus is also exalted, or does extremely well, in Scorpio)
Sudden (Uranus) Death (Scorpio) from Traveling(9H).
So when you put all of that together, you get that her death would be when she’s traveling to create something beautiful (her music video) for her job.
Since she has an Aquarius rising, and Uranus rules Aquarius, her identity (rising rules identity) is formed by her sudden death from traveling.
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