my quest for God brought me to astrology.

my quest for God brought me to astrology.

my journey with religion looks a bit different than most of you. i didn’t grow up christian, I didn’t face religious trauma, nor was I rejected from communities based on my beliefs.

i empathize, but that was not my experience.

i actually grew up in an environment that was full of various cultures, perspectives, and wisdom from around the world. my mother encouraged me to form my own understanding of God, no matter what religion I decided to align with.

there was a sense of freedom and exploration when it came to my beliefs — which actually ended up manifesting as mental turmoil.

the absence of a firm spiritual foundation felt like a void. it felt like i didn’t know right from wrong, good from evil, and lacked a sense of morality.

because of this, I dealt with depression and anxiety throughout my adolescent and early adult years.

i desperately craved the structure & stable grounding of religious affiliation and continued my quest to articulate what i longed to understand but couldn't explain nor prove existed.

i hold beliefs in both God and science, and it seems like everyone wants to pit these two against each other or use them to discredit one another.

but in my heart, i’ve always seen them as different perspectives of the same truth, each offering a unique lens through which to understand the world.

people naturally put their faith in whatever resonates most with their understanding, and my faith relies heavily on patterns and logic.

so i had to figure out how to connect the two, and astrology was the missing element i needed to make this all click for me.

all of my research, both with religion and science, seemed to be confirmed with this celestial calendar.

it offered me the groundwork I needed to root myself in a spiritual foundation aligned with me and my energy.

it gave me permission to just “be,” because as a literal manifestation of God, just being is ENOUGH.

astrology brought me to God, because it helped me conceptualize what God actually is. not a sky daddy, but the collective energy of everything & everyone, constantly being reflected back to us.

and within understanding that, it has helped me find power & purpose in my existence.

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