what's next for business now that i've quit social media.

what's next for business now that i've quit social media.

It's been about 10 days since I deleted all of my social media, and I don't miss it one bit. But there was still the pending question: what's next for my business? & how do I maintain my community?

After last weeks Jupiter Class, I've come to my own revelations about how I want to move forward with my business in alignment with my soul's ultimate desires.

Why I Decided to Delete Social Media in the First Place

Social media has felt so overstimulating to me lately. Honestly, I've been feeling this way since my birthday in March, which is actually really funny because my Solar Return rising is Aquarius who rules groups/community. Something about the energy shift really brought to surface how unaligned I felt with the community I've established, in the most grateful way possible.

I love Facebook for it's Group feature. That's probably why I've stuck around for so long. When I wanted to get rid of the noise of my feed, it was nice to go into my little virtual safe spaces. We'd do live events, share knowledge, good vibes, and work together toward our goals. I even started a Timeline Leap Challenge that actually ended up being a bust... because I wasn't moving in alignment with what I wanted.

I'll talk more about that later, though.

Eventually, Social Media has turned more into work/labor than it did community. I felt like I was forced to show up constantly, pumping out information in a microwaved, watered down, easily digestible (& slightly humorous) way. I enjoy sharing knowledge, but it was no longer fun. Algorithms are always changing, I felt like my valuable posts were being suppressed while stupid topics like splitting bills (*EYE ROLL*), femininity coaching (bullsh*t), and celebrity gossip were always being pushed.

Literally... who gives a f*ck...?

So something had to change.

Jupiter in Gemini

I've been talking a lot about Jupiter in Gemini lately. It kicks off with a Trine to Pluto and squares Saturn twice over the next year, so I knew there would be an overhaul of how we process information, how we deem information credible, and what we choose to believe.

I already felt this nudge of occultists going back into the shadows when Saturn initially went into Pisces, but when my focus shifted to Jupiter in Gemini I kept getting this message of people making a mass exit from social media, or at least completely shifting how they interact with it. Keeping this to myself, I just continued to observe.

I started seeing more posts from other entrepreneurs and spiritualists about "changing how they show up online" whether that be just posting for fun again or creating a sort of Insta-Site that doesn't require updating and just focusing on Stories.

I then started to see more Youtube Videos of people saying they quit social media and how much it has helped their mental health. All of this served as confirmation to me: people are overwhelmed and overstimulated with how fast social media moves.

Growing Up In The Information Age

Think about it: most of us (especially if you're Gen-Z like I am) have grown up hand in hand with the internet. We went from Xanga, to Myspace, to AIM, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Snapchat, to Twitter and and and and.... the internet continues to evolve in extraordinary ways. We've seen graphics become almost indistinguishable from reality. We've seen musicians continuously drop new projects before even getting a chance to let the old project simmer in. We're constantly forced to keep up with other peoples lives, thoughts, accomplishments and setbacks in real time, all the time.

What once was a convenient way to stay connected with people across the world has turned into a constant regurgitation of trauma and a realm where time moves faster than I can keep up with.

I am exhausted.

What I've Learned Since Deleting Social Media Entirely

Even though it's only been 10 days, it's probably been the most peaceful time period of my life. There was no excess noise, no influences on my energy, no distractions. I got a chance to sit with my own thoughts and understanding. 

I don't feel like time is moving as fast. It's been easier to enjoy my journey, my progress, and my natural way of doing things. There's no Instagram Filters influencing how I feel about my beauty, there's no business coach yelling about how I need to wake up at 5 am to be productive, and there's no stupid relationship coach telling me my man needs to gift me a Birkin for the relationship to be valuable.

Like, please.

There hasn't been anything clouding my energy and making me feel like I should give a f*ck about things that I don't. I've been enjoying planning more classes, writing my book, drawing again, and spending time with my loved ones in real life.

That quiet really makes you recognize these connections you've made on the internet really just ... aren't your friends. There are people I probably will never speak to again because we aren't intimate on that level, and that's okay. You notice how theres a stark difference between people who genuinely care about you and people who only think of you when you pop up on their timeline. Pseudo-relationships are not a thing, only thing that is left are those who love you in real life.

The people who recognized my absence and had the means to reach out, did, whether that be my personal number, finding me on Youtube, or even sending an email; the people who value me and my work made it their mission to find me. Those are the people I focus on. 

My Jupiter Revelation

Even still, I have a desire for community that will never go away. On my Jupiter Masterclass, we spoke on how Jupiter is the key to aligning with your ultimate soul's desires as the version of God's work you are here to carry out. Within this class, I came to my own revelations.

I have a 6H Jupiter in Aquarius, and being of service to the collective is the only thing that will make me feel fulfilled. No matter how much I was enjoying the peace and quiet of my solitude, I still have the desire to exchange insight with my tribe somehow. I didn't want to paywall my entire existence, nor did I want to abandon my community entirely.

When I live in alignment with what my Jupiter desires of me, I am always taken care of, prosperous, fulfilled, and excited. When I'm not, I feel overwhelmed and want to shut down completely.

I knew some changes had to occur in my business for me to feel enthusiastic again, so that's exactly what I did.

Changes to My Business

I hate feeling salesy and I hate hoarding information. Two things that I felt I was doing way too much of lately. Some of it was the advice of other entrepreneurs who's insight I value greatly, but I had to understand that what works for others doesn't work for me, and I will always face these "tower-like" moments if I don't build with a strong foundation.

With that being said, here's the direction I'm heading in my business:

  • Donation Based Offerings: All of my classes, rituals, and select readings will be donation based/"pay what you'd like" format. I feel like my Jupiter in Aquarius placement's keyword is "share", so I will continue to do just that. There is a minimum offering, but those who are able to donate more will allow for those who may not have the means to do so in the moment, which is exactly what I'm about: sharing resources.
  • Keeping My Social Media Accounts Up, But Inactive: I have no desire to ever come back to the fast-paced vibe of social media, however I will keep my pages up as a "landing page" of sorts where I only share latest videos & blogposts, if that. I spent my time curating these platforms and don't want to abandon them completely, but just want people to utilize them to know where to find me next.
  • Blogging & Youtube are my Main Sources of Content: I enjoy slowing down, honing in on my intuition + creativity, and posting in my own time, in my own way. I am naturally longwinded, and I'd like to do so in a space that is less stimulating. If y'all want me to speed up, skim & watch the videos in 2x speed (lol)
  • Curating Community in Discord: I think Discord is the best bet for maintaining community and exchanging insight, in a space that is private & doesn't have so many distracting factors as say, Facebook. We get a chance to communicate in real time without waiting for admin approval or for people to happen to see your post in the algorithm.

These changes feel really good in my body and allow me to return back to what I started Gift From Neptune for in the first place: community and sharing knowledge.

That's it, that's all, and I'm excited for what's to come.

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Until next time,


Mikayla Rose 

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I’m so happy that you’re finding your groove! Its inspiring me to have a sit down with myself and how I engage with socials as well.




I absolutely love all of this! So much of what you said resonates with me.

Dommie Mommie

Beautiful testimony!

Mykelle jordan

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