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Gift From Neptune

Uncrossing Oil

Uncrossing Oil

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This oil was magically created, fixed, and charged with the intention of uncrossing, return to sender, & protection.

Smells like Patchouli. 

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2 Oz Glass Dropper Bottle


Magic is not a substitute for medical advice. In accordance with certain laws, please be advised that magic is for entertainment purposes only.

Please use your own intuition and common sense.

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Intention Oils Carefully Crafted With The Cosmos

I have coined the term "Cosmic Conjure" to describe my magical process because my work is a mixture of Astrology and Hoodoo.

When I create my products, I treat it as if I'm birthing an entity. I handpick the natal chart, pick out herbs that match the intentions, and perform a ritual to capture the essence of the energetics and infuse them in these magical oils.

I hope they bring as much magic in your life as they have brought to mine.

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